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Merck Animal Health works with veterinarians to provide you with information about effective feedlot herd health management. On this page, you will find information about cattle protection and performance as well as educational material. Click on the below buttons to quickly access the section of your choice.

Merck Animal Health Bovine Product Guide

Discover the complete portfolio of products offered by Merck Animal Health to help support the health and well-being of cattle.

When it comes to disease prevention, you want safe and effective solutions that help veterinarians build ideal vaccination protocols. With Merck Animal Health vaccines, you get all this and more! Talk to your veterinarian to ensure that the product is suitable for the animal to be vaccinated. Vaccination may not protect every animal that is vaccinated.

Bovilis® Respiratory Vaccines 

Learn more about our respiratory vaccine portfolio to help protect cattle.

Bovilis® Clostridial Vaccines

Learn more about our extensive clostridial vaccine portfolio to help protect cattle.

Vista® Vaccine Mixing

Watch this video to learn how to prepare our Vista® vaccine before administration and download the guide for a handy reference.

Implants play an important role in the cattle industry. They have also proven their value to producers. A well-planned and properly introduced implant program can help increase the rate of weight gain, improve feed efficiency and increase profitability.

Helping you improve your herd performance


Discover our program to help cattle producers continuously improve the way they interact with, move and transport cattle.

Revalor® Implants: Helping optimize your cattle’s growth performance at every phase

When it comes to selecting the right implant strategy for your cattle, there’s no such thing as “one-implant-program-fits-all.” Revalor® provides a broad range of implants for optimal program customization for steers and heifers.

Revalor® implant administration

Watch the video to learn how to administer Revalor® implants to steers and heifers. 

Learn more about Revalor® implants, including Revalor®-XS the first delayed and extended release implant approved in Canada, by downloading the below brochures.

Ralgro® Implants: Stimulating cattle’s growth mechanism

Read more about Ralgro®, a unique product that contains zeranol, an anabolic agent that is not sex-specific.

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